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Horse Riding

$65 per person for a 1 hour ride; $95 per person for 2 hour afternoon ride

Horse Riding at Mowbray Park FarmStay is central to this farms history, for 195 years these magnificent animals have served the needs of this farm. Humans and Horses have enjoyed a remarkable relationship, our early dependence on these powerful capable animals progressed many human cultures.They expanded our agricultural development and productive output, little wonder that the horse’s strength became the benchmark for ‘horsepower’.

 Horses and man work togetherAt Mowbray Park our horses enjoy a more leisurely life introducing many to the joy of a first ride or re-aquainting adults with  childhood dreams. Horse riding so near to Sydney means that you can come out just for a ride.

Our horses like nothing better than to head out on a trail ride, it’s a life of purpose retracing their ancestral footsteps.

If you have never heard of Natural Horsemanship then you are in for a treat when you choose to ride the Mowbray Park FarmStay horses.

The sublime art of ‘love, language & leadership’ far exceeds the ‘fear, force & intimidation’ which has  been the life for some horses, but not here.

We ride twice daily- Mornings at 11.00am and then after lunch our afternoon ride starts at 2.00pm.  A  two hour ride is an option in the afternoon we explore the property with all its breathtaking views.

With a guide to rider ratio of one to six you are ensured that your needs can be met. All our ride guides have many years of horse experience.

You need to be 8 years of age or over to participate in the Horse Riding program. We have Pony Rides twice a day for the youngsters.

For safety we recommend you wear long pants and covered shoes or boots. If you don’t have your own helmet, that’s okay we have them for you. Riding waivers are compulsory and can be completed on arrival.

We will need you to complete a Horse Riding Consent FormYou can download it from here and have it all completed before you arrive.  A form is required for each person riding.

During the NSW School Holidays we run a Natural Horsemanship Camp for children aged between 9 and 16 Years.