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We receive feedback from a number of sources.  Listed below are comments that visitors leave with us in the comments box or send us via email.

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Reading the reviews people leave will give you a sense of what you can expect when you visit Mowbray Park FarmStay.

  • Family Day Visit

    Wilkinson Family, — 27th September 2016

    A HUGE thank you for having our family day visit last Tuesday.  We ALL had the best time (as usual).

    From the moment we arrive and the very lovely Elise welcomes us, it feels good!  After so many visits now her warm, happy face lets us begin the day well.  Elise, we are always excited to see you again.

    The four grandchildren love all the activities, the animals, the park, the dogs, the tractor, the pony rides (never want to get off), the tennis, (bit windy for the canoe this time) and have so much delight in going to your “farm restaurant”, especially sitting and eating a gorgeous meal together as a family. The room is presented so pretty and with very delicious food, so compliments to the kitchen.

    Family Favourite : The whole family look forward to the camp fire and damper in the afternoon.  Farmer Steve was very nice in sharing his stories about farm life and his love of horses; passing on the passion and culture.

    Your backpacker Joe, what a lovely fellow he is.  More that once he was so kind to me.  Made me feel cared for (with my bad knee).

    Blair, we love seeing you each year but this year was particularly special.  The shearing of the sheep.  What a wonderful treat and experience.  So educational and practical for the children and as my big daughter expressed to you and she is 41 years….. “learnt things so didn’t know”.  You do it great.

    Jacqui, always nice to say hello to you, as we did.  Keeping your family farm, keeping the history, keeping people loving your special corner of the world, we say, ….  you are a very wonderful, insightful lady and we appreciate you.

    A great team! …..  we look forward to the next time.  Happy memories.

  • Sonia, Sydney — January 2016

    Sonia: “Many thanks once again for such a wonderful weekend at the Mowbray Park Farm. We all really enjoyed it and learned so much about farming and country life. Everyone was so friendly and the activities were really well planned. Should you ever require a recommendation from us to put on your website for promotional purposes, please do not hesitate to let me know.”

  • Rebecca, April 2015

    Rebecca: “Had yet another amazing week of my life! I loved horse camp! There always is something more to learn. It was great learning more about natural horsemanship and what I can achieve when I have no distractions! Thank you to everyone at Mowbray Park! Thank you Blair and Jackie, Bethany, Amy, Jackson, Our house mum for the week (Tessa, British Nanny) and all the other staff, It was my second time going to the camp and both were just as enjoyable as the other!
    Hope to go back next year!”

  • Melissa Morris, — March 2015

    Melissa: “Thanks for a great day yesterday your staff are so friendly and kind you should be so proud of them!! Blair thank you so much the kids had so much fun we will be visiting again soon ….. THANKS AGAIN THE MORRIS FAMILY

  • Suzy, Adelaide — January 2015

    Suzy “Wow what an amazing weekend at my favourite place called Mowbray Park Farm. With 52 other single parent and kids we celebrated the first year of my single parent group being started and also a belated halloween night . Every single person young and old loved this place with so much to do and the loveliest people that own and work there made our weekend an experience that will last us a life time.”

  • Sharona, Campbelltown — November 2015

    Sharona: “Wow!!! Thanks so much for an unforgettable experience for my son Tyler’s 6th Birthday…. The staff are sooooo lovely and accommodating & nothing was a problem, the chef is amazing we loved her birthday cake she made for Tyler and even though it was raining this was the best birthday party I have ever been too, I can’t wait to bring him back… Thanks again”

  • Sue, Sydney — July 2015

    Sue: “Breakaway Recreation & Holiday Services Inc (disability group) had a fantastic time on their weekend at Mowbray, our members have requested to visit. Thank you for providing the group with a memorable farm stay experience

  • Joanne, Camden — May 2014

    Joanne: “I am very thankful for the professional service from Mowbray Park for Serennah’s 5th birthday party. The children and adults all enjoyed the day, and with Serennah being the youngest of 6 we have had many parties but this was the best by far! Highly recommended for a full day of fun and learning experiences for all participants. Keep up the great work and we will be back again”

  • Julie, Newcastle — May 2014

    Julie: “Hi Elise, John, Bethany, Blair and everyone else who made our weekend away very
    memorable. Everyone in our group of 18 could not stop talking about what a great weekend they had, there was so much to see and do. We are all in our 60’s but that didn’t stop us from having go at milking cows, feeding the farm animals, riding horses, making damper, tennis and archery.

    One of the highlights was watching Blair doing his horsemanship.The way he is with horses is beautiful to watch. The bush dance on Saturday night was another highlight too. I would recommend Mowbray farm to everyone, the staff are the best. Everyone should try farm life. Thank you all again for a fantastic weekend.”

  • Marcel and Family, Perth — April 2013

    Marcel, Margaret, Maree & Albert: “I would like to thank you all the staff.
    Elise has anyone ever told you what a wonderful person you are? I hope so! I hope you’ve been told dozens of times… because you are just amazing. It takes someone rare and remarkable to make the lives of everyone around them brighter and more beautiful. It take someone who has a big heart and caring soul. It takes someone who’s living proof of how precious a person can be. It takes someone just like you.

    Blair thank you for being welcoming and lending us the movie Secretariat, we all enjoyed watching it. Farmer John thank you for being bubbly and friendly. Thank you for all the tractor rides, farm activities, daily feeds and most importantly thank you for overcoming Maree and Albert’s fear of horses and allowing them to face all challenges that we are faced with day to day.

    Christine thank you for the meals they were amazing and also thank you for organising the farm eggs. Crystal thank you for being a great hostess and also for giving us directions to Picton shops and also Thirlmere Trainworks.

    Thank you you all for an amazing time and a wonderful experience at Mowbray, we will share our experiences with all our friends and family.”

  • Bianca, Wollongong — March 2013

    Bianca: “Thank you everyone for letting us stay here, it was beautiful on the farm. Thank you for cooking our food every day, Blair thank you for your farm we all loved it here, Jacqui thank you for being nice, John thank you for helping me on the horse, Elise thank you for being at the reception.”

  • Shane and Family, Sydney — March 2013

    Shane, Taryn, Bronte & Laura: “Dear Blair, just a quick note of thanks to you, Jacqui and your wonderful staff for the hospitality we experienced over the weekend just gone.

    We’ve done the ‘fancy’ holiday thing and invariably this seems to deliver a sanitised, contrived expereience that costs the earth, but Mowbray Park is so different in all the ways that count.

    We are pleased to say that we did almost everthing. From the trail ride to being rounded up by Dexter the Duck, from archery to tennis and everthing else in between. We felt privileged to learn about Natural Horsemanship and were genuinely moved by the ethos that so strongly shapes all that happens on the farm, from best practice environmental management and animal welfare policies to the caring family approach of management and staff to guests.

    May I single out James, Hannah and Christine who are such a credit to Mowbray Park and wonderful, sincere characters in themselves. And how could we forget Steve from the Saturday night bush dance. We haven’t had such fun in years.

    Thank you for the best short break we’ve had as a family in years. We’ll be back as soon as we can.”

  • Karen, Victoria — February 2013

    Karen: “We as a family thoroughly enjoyed our ‘farmstay’ weekend. My grandchildren will always remember Grandpa Dan’s 80th birthday. I would like to thank Elise for your help in booking everyone in, to our songman Steve for providing us with entertainment the whole family loved. To Hannah & James for your kindness shown at the damper site and lastly to you Blair for taking the time with my dad to listen to his stories and taking him on that guided tour! Hats off to all!!”

  • Lisa, Brisbane — March 2013

    Lisa: “I would just like to say thank you for such a wonderful place and great set up. My nephews, who we bought vouchers for  Christmas, have recently visited your farm and had a fabulous time. It certainly is an easy gift to give.”

  • David, Sydney — February 2013

    David: “Dear Blair, Jacqui, Elise, John, Hannah and all at Mowbray Park; on behalf of Ann (assistant carer) & myself I’d like to take this opportunity to thank your entire team for looking after us so brilliantly during our recent days on the farm. To a person our group were deliriously happy with all on offer and returned to their homes genuinely rested and invigorated. Something of equal importance to us is the powerful respite our little getaway affords the wonderful Carers behind the scenes who received few, if any, breaks throughout the year. We know how critically important this is and unconditionally thank you all on their behalves. We do record and measure the wellbeing of all participants both before and post camp and the results have been so positive. It looks as though we’ve been converted into a strong love of country life with your many farm animals and calming surroundings bringing rich smiles to us all. So, from every perspective, we hit gold and greatly look forward to more of the same when we’re able. Many, many thanks again”. Stayed with a special needs group.

  • Julie and Garry, January 2013

    Julie & Garry: “Just wanted to say A VERY BIG THANK YOU. Our daughter organised our stay for the benefit of her children, I’d have to say we all thoroughly enjoyed every moment, kids loved the experience and learnt so much on so many levels. We especially want to mention Sharon, her wonderful, relaxed, informed, enthusiastic, genuine manner was so appreciated, she was amazing with the children. So once again, thank you to all at Mowbray Park”.

  • Lyn and David, Newcastle — November 2012

    Lyn & David: “Many thanks for the wonderful weekend our family had last weekend. Your care & attention to them all is much appreciated. We had a wonderful celebration.”

  • Linda and Tas, Canberra, September 2012

    Linda, Tas, Tomas & Anthony: “Thanks for a great 3 nights. We had a lovely time in the Chapel and Tomas & Anthony had so much fun feeding the animals and the pony rides. Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, Blair you made it even more awesome for them when you gave them a ride on the quadbike! We will be highly recommending to all our friends. xxxx”

  • Bella, Sydney — August 2012

    From Bella: “I hope the baby goat that was born is okay (!!!) and thank you for letting us feed lots of your animals at your farm and ride on your horses. It was a lot of fun. And I loved having the tractor rides and getting to pat the animals. And when the cow did a poo it was so funny! And I really liked the spa, it was so nice and relaxing. And I loved the damper and marshmallows.”

  • Daniel, Sydney — August 2012

    From Daniel:  “I liked milking the cow and I liked making the damper and the marshmallows. I liked the tractor ride and the spa and also the canoe ride. I liked playing with the baby rabbits and swinging on the tyre. Thank you for sending me the baby piglet photo. I liked feeding the baby animals.”