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Happy Customers

The school holidays went well and we were really chuffed to receive this letter from a family who spent the day with us.  This is why we all love our work…

“A HUGE thank you for having our family day visit last Tuesday.  We ALL had the best time (as usual).

From the moment we arrive and the very lovely Elise welcomes us, it feels good!  After so many visits now her warm, happy face lets us begin the day well.  Elise, we are always excited to see you again.

The four grandchildren love all the activities, the animals, the park, the dogs, the tractor, the pony rides (never want to get off), the tennis, (bit windy for the canoe this time) and have so much delight in going to your “farm restaurant”, especially sitting and eating a gorgeous meal together as a family. The room is presented so pretty and with very delicious food, so compliments to the kitchen.

Family Favourite : The whole family look forward to the camp fire and damper in the afternoon.  Farmer Steve was very nice in sharing his stories about farm life and his love of horses; passing on the passion and culture.

Your backpacker Joe, what a lovely fellow he is.  More that once he was so kind to me.  Made me feel cared for (with my bad knee).

Blair, we love seeing you each year but this year was particularly special.  The shearing of the sheep.  What a wonderful treat and experience.  So educational and practical for the children and as my big daughter expressed to you and she is 41 years….. “learnt things so didn’t know”.  You do it great.

Jacqui, always nice to say hello to you, as we did.  Keeping your family farm, keeping the history, keeping people loving your special corner of the world, we say, ….  you are a very wonderful, insightful lady and we appreciate you.

A great team! …..  we look forward to the next time.  Happy memories.”