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Covid-19 and Mowbray Park FarmStay

These are unprecedented times in Australia. We follow the directions from our leaders and we need to have faith in the advice they are receiving.

We know that to get through this we need to provide as much normality to our families and to ourselves as we can.

So, we’re making some changes to how we operate Mowbray Park Farm so that you can come find some space, step back and re-charge.

We are no longer offering multi-share lodgings.

If your family and or your extended family seek respite we will provide you an exclusive space, all to yourselves.  We are on 170 acre’s, so that is serious social distancing!

Our lodges are spread over 5 acres. In your lodge you can cook for yourselves or we can cater for you, if that’s what you would like, our dining room is huge, plenty of space there as well.

We’re going to be farming every day, as we do, so you’re invited to join us and we hope you do.

All of us need some relief from these current pressures, come down let the kids run, enjoy the space.

We’ve put together these packages , a lodge for your family, however small or large that may be.

We’re not going to shake hands, less chance a hug (sadly) but we will get through this.

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