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Life on the Farm…


Welcome 2023 (no surprises please)

The big wet we hope is behind us so we are back out in the fields getting on with farming, cattle numbers are climbing back nicely after taking a hit during the drought. Sheep numbers are still low if I see a break in the market I will buy some in from around the place get some new stock into the mob. We’re not going to run the trail rides any more after so many disruptions then damage from the floods we’re giving the horses a break. We would have been due to replenish our herd as our beautiful older horses deserve their retirement, some have already been relocated to friends farms who ride ‘naturally’ no bridle and bit riding for these guys.


We are so thrilled to be seeing so many families back on the farm many of whom we haven’t seen for over two years  the kids are a bit taller and as enthusiastic as ever. On the farming front its been challenging dealing with the rain, ground is saturated and this causes different issues for the animals. In particular our horses, we have not been able to ride since February our crossings were taking out due to the floods (twice!) and are trails are still not ready for riding so no time line on this we will keep you posted. Every other activity continues, tractor ride is under cover as is the nursery, damper cooking undercover and the ponies they’re happy to see the kids anytime. The Ducks, they’re totally happy.