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AccessAbility at a desired destination is key if you have restricted mobility.

The Mowbray Park FarmStay team want you to know all about the AccessAbility of Mowbray Park Farm.

On arrival you are able to drive your vehicle, car or bus down to our BBQ area.  This is the place we meet before heading out on various activities.  The BBQ area has lots of space and seating for you and your party.  We do require the vehicles to return to our car park.

Once you’re settled in, you’re right next to our public toilets, the access here is not perfect its a 140mm rise, entrance width is 800mm, cubicle width is just under 600mm

Similar rise (160mm) into the dining room, door width 900mm, plenty of space once we’re there.  There is a second entrance to the lower dining room (birthday party room) which is a bit lower.

When it comes to geAccessAbility Transporttting around the farm we have a few options; our tractor trailer has three steps similar to a ladder.

This is bit of climb,  we have hand rails and we’re there to assist.


AccessAbility Buggy

We also have a small farm vehicle (4 wheel side by side) which is real easy to get in and out of, we can put a chair, walker or pram in the back.

We have our farm Ute that can seat 3 plus the driver so no one misses out.

If we have a large group with some limited mobility we can drive small to medium buses directly to some activity areas such as animal nursery, sheep shearing,  billy tea and damper.

We have big plans to improve our accessibility, including some modifications to Majellan lodge to make staying with us that bit easierAccessAbility Majellan Lodge.

AccessAbility Majellan Room- Bathroom

Being a heritage property presents some challenges but all the more reason EVERYONE who wants to share this wonderful experience can.