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The News as it Happens

There is always lots happening at Mowbray Park FarmStays.  From time to time we’ll bring you some ‘behind the scenes’  stories of many of the amazing things that go on. Projects, problems, farming life in general.  You’ll get a feel for what it’s like to live the life of a farmer.

Gosh what a turn around! For the first couple of months this year it was so dry, we lost a crop due to extreme heat (our 2017 winter feed) now we have just hit 200mm of rain over the past 3 weeks and there is more to come. Farming is a mixed bag,  it is what makes it so different everyday, the big dry was very stressful because we were running out of grass for the animals, now there is so much we have keep moving some so they don’t over eat! crazy days.

Amazing reading back on this post, it’s June 2018 we have just had the driest Autumn in 116 years we are feeding out to the animals everyday and the feed is scarce and increasing in price every week it seems. Farming is rewarding but it can also be stressful especially when the animals are struggling with the conditions, these animals are everything to us we are out there everyday looking after them. We hope to see some rain soon.

Another week has passed and no rain, we have our grey water well being filled bu bore water and are running two irrigation systems, our crop of winter oats is just starting to emerge but it was really attacked by hungry birds looking for an easy feed, cant blame them really!