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Farmyard Fun

Depending on the time of year the nursery will be filled with different small animals. You will be shown how to gently connect with the animals so you and the kids get that great experience .

We might need to bottle feed some calves or lambs, it’s really important to pick some fresh grass and take it in for the bunnies, they will love you for it.

Collecting the eggs has to be done every day otherwise the chickens will get a bit cranky, so we’ll need your help with that as well.

We have a lot of outside animals too! Donkeys, sheep, chickens and Ducks.  They all want their morning feed so be prepared to get busy as you hand feed all these animals, it really is neat holding a handful of feed out to a donkey or sheep – they just scoop it out of your hand and wait for more!

The cow will need milking. This is an art in itself as well as being lots of fun. Our farmers will show you how to get the milk, then it’s up to you to get it in the bucket. Some days our friendly farm dogs, Pearl and Archie wait patiently for their morning drink of fresh milk straight from the pail. This is seriously Farmyard Fun!



At different times of the year we need to shear our sheep. We have some old theatre seats in the shed so you can sit back and watch the show; we also give you a really interesting history of the Australian Wool Industry, the ‘foundation’ industry of this nation.