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Mountain Bike Track

9.5km single trail track

The Mountain Bike Track at Mowbray Park FarmStay is fantastic for a bit of fun, now it has to work around our farming operations so the shape changes often. It’s only available to guests who are staying on the farm and to the competitors on the day of an event. No public access otherwise, sorry.Mountain Bike Track - Mowbray Park FarmStay

It’s fast and flows really well with a good mix of mild technical sections in there, we have a couple of ‘B’ lines for those that don’t want to take on the creek bed sections.

Overall you will climb about 123m over the distance, lots of reward for that effort though.

The crossings are fun and you will go over the creek a few times. On occasion you have to open a gate or two, make sure you close them behind you.

If you’re one of our visiting guests you sign in at reception, as you would for a horse ride, we brief you on some safety things and away you go (we might come with you).

This track was the venue for the last round of the 2016 Shimano MTB Grand prix. 200 riders competed in the 12 hour enduro.

Lots of guests walk or run the track, so you are able to enjoy your short break at the farm mixed with some outdoor exercise, perfect.