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Pony Rides

Pony Rides are the most important thing in the world to our youngest guests; it’s part of your daily tariff. Remember though its for the youngest of the kids, under 8 yrs

When we arrive at the pony yard, waiting for us there will be Soxy, Dakota or Bella and they will be excited to see the children turn up. Parents this is ‘photo’ central so make sure you have your camera charged and ready to go.

We’ve got a selection of helmets that the kids will need to wear, we have a bench under some shade where we wait until our pony comes in.

Our farmers will lead the ponies around, it’s real important that we let the kids find their confidence without us forcing them along, sometimes we just stand there as a child becomes used to this new sensation.

Once we’re moving along you are welcome to come along with us, you can take plenty of images and be there for your child, if we ask that you position yourself differently we’re doing that for safety.

We will just walk along at a steady pace, this is all about keeping the kids safe and making sure they gain from the experience, we have many adults visit us and say ‘I like horses but when I was a kid……….’ and they have never ridden since.

You can most likely guess by now how important we believe this experience is for young children, it can be the very beginning of a life long love for horses, we hope it is.