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Farmer Steve

Farm Manager

Hi I’m Farmer Steve and my life at Mowbray Park Farmstay is as interesting as it is varied.

My main role is coordinating and running the daily activities for our guests ensuring that they have the opportunity to participate in a fun and safe environment.

I also like to educate along the way. We grow our own beef, sheep and pork, we have aquaponics for vegetables and
we  grow various crops to supplement stock feed . To each of these is an important story, both our history and our future.

A statistic that was highlighted recently shows how much Australia has changed in less than half a
century (my life time).  In 1975 90% of Australians had ties to the rural community through family or friends, in 2015 just 40
years later 90% of the population have no ties to rural Australia.

This is our opportunity to offer this missing experience for many children ” life on the farm”  which for many of us was just a part of our everyday.

Today a child’s interaction with animals or being outdoors perhaps canoeing, bush walking, horse riding or learning how to hand milk a cow is a much sought after part of learning and developing an awareness of where food comes from.

I enjoy being part of a team that can provide these opportunities to our guests of all ages.

When I’m not guiding our guests around is when the farm work gets done, anything from the less exciting like
cleaning horse yards, right through to caring for our animals big and small to ensure that their
health requirements are met.  There are many maintenance jobs on a farm, we all chip in to get through that list.

My passion is riding my horse and working the cattle on him, whether we are gathering the cattle for
treatments or just moving them from one paddock to another, I’m pretty lucky to have all these things to share with you.